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⊆ 6:58 PM by Pete | , . | ˜ 2 comments »

I know..

Of the softness of your lips..
And the warmth of your touch..
Over the smell of your hair..
And the feel of my hand..
Melded in yours..
Bonded together, forever,
And ever after.

And I know of these halls..
Flowing through these walls..
A rush of sounds, they swill on and on..
Cascading and tumbling, sounds of laughter we shared together..
Oh how wonderfully we laughed together!
Loud and tender.. nigh on forever, and ever after.

And I know of this floor so shorn, so alone..
For down her marbled dawns, we danced forever..
Once, just us, all nights.. together..
Once, so happily..and ever after..

And I know my name you often whisper..
In empty nights of your sleepless slumbers..
To yours, dear love, I wisp and hover,
Still hover your lips as you hover mine,
Still mourn your touch as you mourn mine,
Still hunger your smell as you hunger mine,
Undeniably desirable, intolerably unattainable.

But now I see..
These fragments of dreams that drift away..
Now uncatcheable..
Now gliding further and further..
Now to yours my shadow lingers..
But it too will fade and slither away..
Into the maw.. smoked in.. forever..
Into oblivion.. to the place I am..
To the land of shadows, sorrows..
The land of the Damned, and the land of the Dead.

2 Responses to Forever

  1. Pete Says:
    'Forever' is a monologue of true love separated by the veil of death (wooo.. deep.). It's actually told from the point of view of a dead lady. So if you read it, remember to give it a lady's voice, complete with zombie sounds if you want to.
  2. Anonymous Says:
    a drop of time is the now in forever...

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