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Light and Shadow

⊆ 5:25 PM by Pete | . | ˜ 0 comments »

For all things considered
Could Light and Shadow
ever be in love?
You dance to the rhythm of the world
My world lies in dreams

You hold the hands of strangers
and love them, and call them friends

I walk the lonely alleys of the heart

Your smile paints the lives of those
you touch with your warmth,
And make them feel better

I kill on a whim

You cherish the past,
and hold it close to your heart

I burn my memories,
and focus on the present

You are courageous, bold, determined
You tackle all obstacles, head-on

I lurk in the shadows
hiding, elusive
striking out as a knife in the night

For all things considered
Is it possible,for two people, so different
To ever be in love?

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