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I Gift you Immortality

⊆ 7:33 PM by Pete | , . | ˜ 0 comments »

Darken the room, my dear,

For tonight I Gift you Immortality
An escape from the coldness of Death,
Would that not be lovely, my sweet dear?

Closer to me, stand still we embrace
In the darkness of the night
Into the black maw we escape
Our hands shall meld and our bodies

Shall melt

Into the oblivion of the night.

Whisper my name, say it close, stay close to me
For tonight shall be a journey of ultimate beauty
Tonight we set sail into an ocean of infinity
No wards of Time shall hinder
This journey you shall begin
With me, Forever
Into endless eternity
With me
By your side.

Hold my hand, let it melt into yours.
Be close to me, may our breath be as one.

Are you ready, my dear?
Ready to leave your mortality?
Leave it, I implore,
For it is but an empty husk,
As your life without me,
Your Prince by your side.


Drain away,
Drain your trepidations away.
As sensuous scarlet rivulets of mortal life
Shall drain away
And finally cut
The final threads of your deathly life.

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