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⊆ 5:29 PM by Pete | , . | ˜ 1 comments »

Have you ever wondered of
The friends and faces of your slumbers?
And how often your slumbers thereof
Will often find you in deepest wonders?

Avast, your night-ships shall sail you astray
Towards edges of time and space continuum
It is but as wise men often say
The seas of life are spun off silvery looms.

Be free, freely feel your foot's caress
Across her canvas of sandy shores
A timeless world of no duress
As sun-soaked sand soothes wounded soles.

Look up, behold the dance of celestial stars
A constellation of love and life and hate and death
A distillation of Futures both near and far
A cosmic wine of Revelations ferment.

Sail, sail, be free for verily
The shores of a new day shall visit the horizon
And as it looms forget not your night-ship journeys
That brought you close to hope, grace and perfection.

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