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O hear! The birds of divinity
Word-bringers of the War God
O hear, the voice of a seeker
of the tale of Rentap
Scourge and savior of Sarawak

O hear the wails of the dying!
Beneath plumes of smoke,
and steel of men
To one side,
fine warriors of the Iban
To the other,
grand army of the Rajah,
O hear the cries of the wounded!
within the bowels of the jungle.

O hear the shouts of fighting men,
and thundering hooves of infantry!
Clashing and cursing,
a morass of bodies in the mud
And among this cacophany,

of gunpowder and steel
Stands a giant among men
whose name invokes the Battler
whose sword feasts upon his enemies
Rentap, the Battler,
Warchief of the headhunters!

The rage of his voice,
shakes the foundations of the earth
'Agi idup agi ngelaban!
For Death may breathe upon us, we fight!
We fight to the last breath!'
His mighty swings shatter his foes,
beneath a hail of fallen heads
The headhunter king strikes,
And strikes again!

'Arise, you men!
Against this army of traitors,
Mercenaries of the Rajah!
False king of Sarawak!
Fight to the last breath,
the War God is with us,
We, children of Sarawak!'

'They seek our land for her riches
They seek to kill our people!
They ally with our enemies
and turn brother against brother!
They make light of the God of War
and laugh at our ancestors!
They call me a scourge! A pirate!
A brigand!
They who judge me in their courts,
cohorts of the White Rajah!'

'Arise, men! Fight to the last breath!
Today you feel the fury of war!
O glorious day for a battle!
For when the day closes,
you feast In Panggau Libau
In the The Hall of Heroes!'

O hear the roars of the Chieftain,
You men!
Heed his call to arms!
Rally the defenses,
Defend the walls of your hill-fort
and bring out the monster,
Bujang Sadok, the Great Cannon!
Deliver your enemies
unto Sebayan,
The Underworld!

O glorious, this day for a battle!
as foes clash and ebb away
The sounds of steel awash the air
The ground bathed in blood
O, glorious the sound of the Great Cannon!
That cracks across the sky,
splitting apart the ranks of Iban
spilling forth their hill-fort
O, glorious day for a battle!
The scattering of Rentap's men crushed
beneath the Iron Boots of the Rajah
Glorious, the drenched bodies of defenders!
Glorious, the roars of their Chieftain!
O, glorious day for a battle
for when the day was over,
Rentap, the Battler,
the scourge and savior of Sarawak
shall have made his stand
and live on in the memory
of the children of Sarawak.

my poor attempt at 'epic' poetry, but i couldn't resist. agi idup agi ngelaban!

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