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Last call

⊆ 11:18 AM by Pete | , . | ˜ 2 comments »

Beyond the edges of misted memory
I began a journey laid before me
And climbed the branches of life's great tree.

Entangled in this mass of humanity
I stumbled, bled, and slipped once too many
To reach the top, many a man's destiny
Slowly and quickly,
I reached gently,
Or much to the contrary
For there were times when I was more than naughty
And broke a few branches, I don't disagree
With naught an acknowledgment or an apology
Twas for me such things be frivalty.

So I kept my focus, wasted not my energy
Until finally I could see, a sliver of hope that pierces free
Through darkness that seemed an eternity
And I reached, and I saw a massive sea
The horizons of which was not seen clearly
In the middle of which a ship sits lonely.

And the ship's captain saw me and shouted with glee
'Long have I waited', was his distant reply
to my distant and questioning eye
'Please be, come down from that tree, for you I must carry'
'To the planter of the tree that shall judge thee',
I knew naught he be a friend or an enemy
But this, I do know, another journey lay before me.

a brief one about the journey of life. i actually planned to write more, but sometimes you have to stop when your brain tells you to stop

2 Responses to Last call

  1. Chris Wee Says:
    .... the journey indeed continues... Happy Easter Pete.
  2. Anonymous Says:
    twinkle, twinkle little star
    now i know who you are...

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