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⊆ 5:29 PM by Pete | , . | ˜ 1 comments »

Have you ever wondered of
The friends and faces of your slumbers?
And how often your slumbers thereof
Will often find you in deepest wonders?

Avast, your night-ships shall sail you astray
Towards edges of time and space continuum
It is but as wise men often say
The seas of life are spun off silvery looms.

Be free, freely feel your foot's caress
Across her canvas of sandy shores
A timeless world of no duress
As sun-soaked sand soothes wounded soles.

Look up, behold the dance of celestial stars
A constellation of love and life and hate and death
A distillation of Futures both near and far
A cosmic wine of Revelations ferment.

Sail, sail, be free for verily
The shores of a new day shall visit the horizon
And as it looms forget not your night-ship journeys
That brought you close to hope, grace and perfection.

I Gift you Immortality

⊆ 7:33 PM by Pete | , . | ˜ 0 comments »

Darken the room, my dear,

For tonight I Gift you Immortality
An escape from the coldness of Death,
Would that not be lovely, my sweet dear?

Closer to me, stand still we embrace
In the darkness of the night
Into the black maw we escape
Our hands shall meld and our bodies

Shall melt

Into the oblivion of the night.

Whisper my name, say it close, stay close to me
For tonight shall be a journey of ultimate beauty
Tonight we set sail into an ocean of infinity
No wards of Time shall hinder
This journey you shall begin
With me, Forever
Into endless eternity
With me
By your side.

Hold my hand, let it melt into yours.
Be close to me, may our breath be as one.

Are you ready, my dear?
Ready to leave your mortality?
Leave it, I implore,
For it is but an empty husk,
As your life without me,
Your Prince by your side.


Drain away,
Drain your trepidations away.
As sensuous scarlet rivulets of mortal life
Shall drain away
And finally cut
The final threads of your deathly life.


⊆ 1:18 AM by Pete | . | ˜ 0 comments »

Breathe, breathe, old beast of fury,

Ensconced deep within mine heart
Your vaporous breath breathe clouds malicious
Within the rising depths of mine being.

Breathe, breathe, old beast of fury,
Your stuccoed steel scales numerous
Your vestige of tooth and wing and claw,
Impress upon your wakeful slumbers.

Breathe, breathe, old beast of fury,
Upon of your soul of engulfing wrath
Beholden, your sight of lidless eyes
Feast upon mine offering of wrath divine.

Breathe, breathe old beast of fury,
Awakened! The reign of your burning wrath
Released! The chains of your engulfing hatred
Ignite! The gaseous wafts of ceaseless insanity!

A Christmas Tree Story

⊆ 3:40 AM by Pete | , . | ˜ 5 comments »

It all began with a Christmas tree
That my daddy bought for the family
Look, my son (he said to me),
See this tree of great majesty!

But to my eyes it ain’t so pretty,
In fact it was old and oh so ugly!
But to dearest dad I dared not plea
To get rid of that stupid old tree.

Where to start, to tell the story?
There never was a tree so skinny!
And when I touched it, it felt so prickly,
Ouch! It hurts, I told my mommy.

I hated that tree, I hated it already,
There wasn’t even a glittery thingy!
Stupid daddy, you fatsy old meanie,
Get rid of this tree, just burn it already!

My daddy just smiled, he must’ve been crazy,
He just wasted his hard earned money!
He said to me, ‘It’s okay honeybee',
There’s more to this tree, can’t you see?

And he did something that stayed with me
Ever since and to this day
First he said something funny,
My son, said he, I won’t forsake thee,
You have to see things more clearly.

We’re nearing the end, are you ready?

He held me up for me to see
Something aloft that very tree
It was a small flat wooden thingy
That simply said..


Merry Christmas people!!! :)

Ode to the Ever Present

⊆ 7:41 PM by Pete | . | ˜ 0 comments »

Beyond my frosted vision I could see

A bloodied king of scarlet veins

On his body

His face

His hands

And his feet

Who burns the light of day

And adorns the stars of night.

Beneath the stagnance of my heart I could feel

His gaze upon my life

And the landscape of my past

The skeins of the future

The performances of the present

And the certainty of his work

Written in the book

Off the pages of my chapter.

Between the ragged curtains of my knowledge

A word hangs on a tree

On a tree for all the world to see

And all the alpha and omega

Written by it

A word on a tree

That gave its truth

For you

and for me.

Iban Spirit

⊆ 2:01 AM by Pete | , . | ˜ 2 comments »

Long is a day for a warrior

Astride the heart of a storm

Born the Son of a Tiger

Hide him not an oath he has sworn..

Agi idup agi ngelaban!

Fiery heart of thorns and of scars

Scorching is the sun which burns his soul

Hungry his thirst which longs for the stars

Fear's a Word that scalds him for naught..

Agi idup agi ngelaban!

Quick as the wind which carries his feet

Swift as the birds which carry his fate

Hinder him not the destiny he shall meet

Finger his soul that shall makes him great..

Agi idup agi ngelaban!

Unbreakable soul and fearless resolve

Son of the Tiger, Tempered of the Creator

In the lands of a Warrior, an Oath has been sworn..

Agi idup agi ngelaban!


⊆ 10:00 AM by Pete | , . | ˜ 0 comments »

The colors of wind of golden hue,
Astride the beam of sunshine true..
The colors of spring and bloom afresh,
Upon my love that none shall guess.

A sight of carefree birds on trees,
They lead a life of winds and glee..
A sight of them brings cheer of heart,
As might she tears my fears apart.

As streams of water run through plains,
An inspire of soil and gentle rain..
A journey begun shall never end,
As truly as dreams my love has mend.