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Verily the days of evernight,
I walk the depths of her garish cloak.
A leaven pass from her robe of blight,
And be the light of moon I soak.

The deep of heart runs low of sight,
I curse and shy on those of Light.
A gang of goats and sheep of like,
I soothe the pass as that of kites.

A dice of death and sin I serve,
A roll of six and be that more.
To tell the tale of Beasten love,
The hooves that trod the depths I glove.

To be a child of nocturne sleep,
A breed of veins of Ancients bore.
To sink the ships of lives so cheap,
I ash the bones of kings and whores.

And ash to ash,
And dust to dust,
Be that few or be that more,
Be wary you my readers dear,
Be wary of nights and blights and kites.

One Response to “Vampirism”

  1. Pete Says:
    'Vampirism' is a monologue of a vampire, obviously. In it, he tells us of his origins, his desires, his motives and so on. I put a lot of symbolism into this one to reflect the mysterious quality of a mythical creature of the night called the Vampire.

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