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The Fallen Unforgotten

⊆ 10:40 PM by Pete | , . | ˜ 2 comments »

Upon this field of triumphs
A bell tolls its requiem
A homily for bravest souls
For whom Freedom
Was worth not coming home.

Upon these tombstone rows
Be names etched in Timeless Meadows
An eternal solitude enstoned
Within fond memories
Of proud families.

Upon the rising of each day
Blooms the flower of their legacy
A priceless gift adorned
Of courage and heart
And precious blood.

a tribute to fallen heroes. may their deeds never be forgotten

2 Responses to The Fallen Unforgotten

  1. Chris Wee SJ Says:
    and the many more heroes within our midst yet unacknowledged.
  2. Anonymous Says:
    so true, a toast to all unsung heroes


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