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Ode to the Ever Present

⊆ 7:41 PM by Pete | . | ˜ 0 comments »

Beyond my frosted vision I could see

A bloodied king of scarlet veins

On his body

His face

His hands

And his feet

Who burns the light of day

And adorns the stars of night.

Beneath the stagnance of my heart I could feel

His gaze upon my life

And the landscape of my past

The skeins of the future

The performances of the present

And the certainty of his work

Written in the book

Off the pages of my chapter.

Between the ragged curtains of my knowledge

A word hangs on a tree

On a tree for all the world to see

And all the alpha and omega

Written by it

A word on a tree

That gave its truth

For you

and for me.

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