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A Christmas Tree Story

⊆ 3:40 AM by Pete | , . | ˜ 5 comments »

It all began with a Christmas tree
That my daddy bought for the family
Look, my son (he said to me),
See this tree of great majesty!

But to my eyes it ain’t so pretty,
In fact it was old and oh so ugly!
But to dearest dad I dared not plea
To get rid of that stupid old tree.

Where to start, to tell the story?
There never was a tree so skinny!
And when I touched it, it felt so prickly,
Ouch! It hurts, I told my mommy.

I hated that tree, I hated it already,
There wasn’t even a glittery thingy!
Stupid daddy, you fatsy old meanie,
Get rid of this tree, just burn it already!

My daddy just smiled, he must’ve been crazy,
He just wasted his hard earned money!
He said to me, ‘It’s okay honeybee',
There’s more to this tree, can’t you see?

And he did something that stayed with me
Ever since and to this day
First he said something funny,
My son, said he, I won’t forsake thee,
You have to see things more clearly.

We’re nearing the end, are you ready?

He held me up for me to see
Something aloft that very tree
It was a small flat wooden thingy
That simply said..


Merry Christmas people!!! :)

5 Responses to A Christmas Tree Story

  1. jennvaz Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. jennvaz Says:
    Wow....a very significant way of describing the tree. Thanks for the sharing. Every tried to write a short story?hehehehe
  3. Pete Says:
    Hi Jenn! Thanks for the comment and yeah, I've tried writing short stories. Sadly though, I always run out of ideas after like 1 page :(. I guess one has to be really committed when writing short stories.
  4. cibol Says:
    ha ha ha .. happy advent dude. Cheers
  5. Val Says:
    This is great info to know.

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