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A Dedication for a Friend

⊆ 8:56 AM by Pete | . | ˜ 1 comments »

Every night before I sleep
I pray to God to hear my call
That he would send a blessed gift
To make my life complete and whole

The hours I counted had turned to days
Those days had passed, since turned to years
And all I could, and did, was pray
That He would turn my tears to cheers

Oh Lord my God my dearest Father
I had my doubts and darkest fears
So many times my heart did wonder
If ever you did, give me your Ear?

So little I knew, of a Plan divine
To weave my fate, that with another
Another thread He tied to mine
A sacred bond of Life and Wonder

In my darkest doubts, You sent me light
The name of which, was given Strength
As I was about to flee the fight
You've sent an Angel, to save the day

My little angel, you'll light the path
To wondrous roads and secret castles
To lively nights and sun-lit days
The days I'll spend, in singing our songs
The days I'll teach, the rights and wrongs
The days we'll spend, in Truth and Faith
The days we'll spend, in having fun
So will the days, of tears as well
But so will I, to dry your tears
To turn those tears to little cheers
So many days, yet uncounted
In this poem one uncle wrote
But as the stars I'll count with you,
My love for you will shine, for days and years
And always, my dearest, my Bridget Angel Luis.

p/s: Okay Joyce, you asked for it! See what you made me do? See?! But seriously, I hope you'll enjoy every single second of being a mom :)

One Response to “A Dedication for a Friend”

  1. Anonymous Says:
    my dearest friend,
    THANK YOU so much!!! i LOVE it!!! one day when my baby is able to read and understand this, i will recite it to her. God bless u , Pete!


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