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⊆ 6:41 PM by Pete | , . | ˜ 1 comments »

Shattered are my dreams of you..
Of fantasy birds and fantasy stars,
Shattered as a phantasmal mirror..
Broken, scattered, as petals by the breeze.

Broken is my form, my former shell,
Bedridden with images of you..
As spores of cancer beneath my sanity,
Aflight of memories of you..
and me..
and butterflies in the wind.

So cruel the sun beneath your feet,
As are the stars,
the moons,
the planets.
So cruel you the goddess of my mind..
A butterfly cocooning
beneath the steel gray gaze of

I reach out to you, athirst for your shadow,
That lurk beneath the cracks of memories...
Haunted are my nights of sleepless dreams,
Your lingering wisp 'round my bedridden corpse.

What sins have I, to be thrown..
Into this endless cell of despair..
The chains around me I can't break..
The thirst in me unquenched..
My hunger unsated.

Is there no sun?

No candle to light my life?

One Response to “Shattered”

  1. Pete Says:
    'Shattered' is a tale of emotions. Specifically, the emotion you feel when you long for someone so hard, it hurts. These usually start out as a simple crush, but they swell and swell until you're literally dying up inside out of your own helplessness. The moral of the story: If you love someone enough, tell them. If you don't tell them, then you've not loved them enough. Simple.

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