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My tribute to Ms. Susan Boyle

⊆ 9:09 PM by Pete | . | ˜ 1 comments »

Susan, Susan,

Susan Simple
Susan Simple with her curls
Susan Simple and her Pebbles
Living in a house, oh so little

Susan Simple
you looked so humble
on that stage,
you began to mumble
What's that, we laughed,
you're from the village?
Elaine Paige? we laughed,
Oh such cheek!
we raged, and jeered,
and closed our ears.

Susan, Susan,
Susan Simple,

You flashed a smile
and for a moment,
there was a hush
Would it be worthwhile
or would it be mush?

And so, you sang
that little song
And whoever knew, all along
That Susan Simple
with her curls
should impress Simon Cowell!
I've never seen him smile like a little girl!

Susan Simple, Susan Boyle
You sang so much like an angel
But above all that,
I will never forget
A wonderful lesson
in how things Simple
Could be so beautiful.

One Response to “My tribute to Ms. Susan Boyle”

  1. Kasturi Says:
    one of my favorite sir....realli she would really appreciate it..

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