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⊆ 1:30 AM by Pete | , . | ˜ 2 comments »

the birds, the waves, the little people in the distance,

the smells of the ocean, the sun, the ice-cream on your cheeks
the tingling on my fingers, as I dribble them away
the sensual curves of your lips, and the promises they carry
of brave adventures beyond the sea
the smells of which, ride upon the promises
of more vanilla, chocolate or strawberry
whatever fits the day.

2 Responses to rendezvous

  1. Stephen Says:

    Oh, here's mine by the way:

    We have a lot in common, actually.

  2. Anonymous Says:
    Dear new friend of

    Another great interview-podcast. This time a interesting gaialogue with with Miriam Sagan

    Miriam Sagan is the author of over twenty books, including a memoir, Searching for a Mustard Seed : A Young Widow’s Unconventional Story (Winner best Memoir from Independent Publishers, 2004). Her poetry includes Rag Trade, The Widow’s Coat, and The Art of Love.
    In this interview she talks about literature as defiance, community, and her experience of writing in close relationship to Nature, among other topics...

    Warm regards

    Jose Luis G. Soler
    Production Assistant

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