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what shadows may be

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what shadows may be
that stalk our hearts-
and tread the halls of fear,
they drink away
all hope and faith
and spear the soul
to despair

gone forever-
into the black pool of sorrow..

and as the night that closes in
webs of deadly embrace-
we only have each other
to shield, protect
to quiver in the night

these hands-
locked together..
never letting go-

when you cried
I stayed your lips-
when I screamed
you held me tight-
there is no one,
but us
us against the world

in your warmth-
I prosper
in my arms-

your eyes as mine
full of sorrow, despaired
in you I see
all hope and joy,
and faith I once enjoyed

your smile betrays of hope
hope that shines through you-
pristine as stars that light the night
fiery as fire that burns the shadows-

strong enough to give me strength
the herculean will to reach

and grab the throat of destiny..
to snatch the quill of Life

to open the pages
scribe our story
to write a happy ending
to end the mark of yesterday
and tomorrow
tomorrow starts today.

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