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YOU drive me Crazy

⊆ 6:46 PM by Pete | . | ˜ 1 comments »

What are you?
What planet did you beam from?
You make me crazy,
Do you know that?

Where do I begin, to describe you?
It’s impossible,
You fool,
You’re full of it,
And nothing but trouble.

When you look at me,
You’re so arrogant and haughty,
Don’t look at me,
You little flea…
You’re too naughty,
So full of it,
You’re nothing but glee.

Those eyes, they make me crazy..
Dizzy… dreamy,
What did you do to me?!
What powers do you possess…
You devil’s own,
What gives you the right,
To stare at me,
Stop staring at me,
Stop making me crazy!!!

Soft and tender is your belly,
Smooth as silk, what shampoo did you use?!
You let me stroke it,
Just to make me see,
Just how nice it is.

I hate you,
I love you.
I hate you not,
I love you not.
Now I’m speaking in knots,
All because of YOU…
You’re too playful,
But you know what?
I don’t care,
I still love you,
You shameless little cat.

One Response to “YOU drive me Crazy”

  1. Pete Says:
    Bloody hell.. this is about my cat. He's a real devil, he bites my feet at night and he loves to play tag with me... he'll hide under a table or behind a door, then he'll jump on me and 'tag' my foot. Thank goodness he's not a tiger or something. Brrrr.

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