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Legends of Mamacona

⊆ 6:57 PM by Pete | . | ˜ 1 comments »

Behold, my friend, the hall of heroes…
Seven heroes who saved the world,
Forget not all their deeds,
For to them, we owe our debts,
Our lives and our souls.

The first is the hero GX,
Who holds the beast’s number of triple sixes.
As such he fights demons, devils and mighty Cerberus,
His very name loathed and feared in the underworld,
Alas, if only he weren’t such a noobie.

The second is the hero Gamesky,
Whose mighty sword tramples the skies.
As such he battles upon mighty Pegasus,
Thus we call him Lord of the Skies and Stars…
Though he died easily of hentai addiction.

The third is the hero Code,
Though one knows not of the tongue he speaks,
He fights mightily with rabid fanaticism…
Drooling and salivating…
We hold our awe at his retardic determination.

The fourth is the hero Fire,
Who changes and morphs like a Super Saiya,
This champion over dragons and mighty titans…
He now retires in faraway Far East,
Where he lives happily amongst crazy sexy Japanese girls.

The fifth is the hero Aeon,
He scribes the deeds of champions and villains..
For indeed the pen is mightier than the sword,
We tip our hats at this glorious bard…
If only he didn’t take eternity finishing his tales.

The sixth is the hero Hitman,
Lord of Silence and Sudden Deaths..
Forsake the shadows, all ye villains,
For ye shall never escape his grasp.
One wishes he weren’t bald and ugly as his namesake.

The seventh is of course I, Lord Mercurator,
Slayer of all six heroes listed above,
You can do naught, oh dear reader,
But grovel at my feet and hold your awe..
For it is I, Mercurator, that pawns you all.. LOL.

One Response to “Legends of Mamacona”

  1. Pete Says:
    This one is soooo dedicated to the folks at VM, not just the guys here. Well.. YOU CAN'T EXPECT ME TO INCLUDE ALL 3000+ OF YOU. But anyway, it's dedicated to you people. Peace out, and /slap everyone.

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