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⊆ 6:47 PM by Pete | , . | ˜ 1 comments »

Rivers of clouds awash the shores
A thousand teardrops for a thousand souls
A thousand souls for a single rose
A rose without thorns... petals, dishevelled and unwhole.

Beyond the passage of time
Lies a story untold
Aslaved by time
The chapters incomplete
But for the mirrors of false memories.

Above the clouds awash the shores
And still I stare... unamazed and unawed
A single rose still I seek
Though the clouds are numerous
And the teardrops still fall.

Slow motion...
Aswirl the currents of white cotton..
Bleaking the days uncounted..
For the rose I seek,
Is torn,
And unwhole.

One Response to “Petals”

  1. Pete Says:
    Now this one is special to me. It's very personal, and I dedicate this one to an ex-crush of mine. Will I ever tell anyone? Er.. no. So here's a poem, take this and go away... haha.

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