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⊆ 8:08 AM by Pete | ˜ 0 comments »

I remember those days we spent
Those cold afternoons, as we stared
At parades of cotton, imagined
Lying on our backs, as time itself
Warped and tangled around us
Embracing us, in a whirlpool of dreams
And memories now forgotten
Had we seen the omens, those signs foretold,
Would it have made a ripple
In the placid waters of fate?
But to spend again, those timeless days
Lying on our backs as we stared
At parades of cotton, imagined
Forever lost, in a whirlpool of dreams,
And wonderment for what future is,
Forever embraced in time’s gentle bliss.

A Dedication for a Friend

⊆ 8:56 AM by Pete | . | ˜ 1 comments »

Every night before I sleep
I pray to God to hear my call
That he would send a blessed gift
To make my life complete and whole

The hours I counted had turned to days
Those days had passed, since turned to years
And all I could, and did, was pray
That He would turn my tears to cheers

Oh Lord my God my dearest Father
I had my doubts and darkest fears
So many times my heart did wonder
If ever you did, give me your Ear?

So little I knew, of a Plan divine
To weave my fate, that with another
Another thread He tied to mine
A sacred bond of Life and Wonder

In my darkest doubts, You sent me light
The name of which, was given Strength
As I was about to flee the fight
You've sent an Angel, to save the day

My little angel, you'll light the path
To wondrous roads and secret castles
To lively nights and sun-lit days
The days I'll spend, in singing our songs
The days I'll teach, the rights and wrongs
The days we'll spend, in Truth and Faith
The days we'll spend, in having fun
So will the days, of tears as well
But so will I, to dry your tears
To turn those tears to little cheers
So many days, yet uncounted
In this poem one uncle wrote
But as the stars I'll count with you,
My love for you will shine, for days and years
And always, my dearest, my Bridget Angel Luis.

p/s: Okay Joyce, you asked for it! See what you made me do? See?! But seriously, I hope you'll enjoy every single second of being a mom :)

Light and Shadow

⊆ 5:25 PM by Pete | . | ˜ 0 comments »

For all things considered
Could Light and Shadow
ever be in love?
You dance to the rhythm of the world
My world lies in dreams

You hold the hands of strangers
and love them, and call them friends

I walk the lonely alleys of the heart

Your smile paints the lives of those
you touch with your warmth,
And make them feel better

I kill on a whim

You cherish the past,
and hold it close to your heart

I burn my memories,
and focus on the present

You are courageous, bold, determined
You tackle all obstacles, head-on

I lurk in the shadows
hiding, elusive
striking out as a knife in the night

For all things considered
Is it possible,for two people, so different
To ever be in love?

Maiden of the sea

⊆ 5:56 AM by Pete | . | ˜ 0 comments »

My maiden of the sea

in a vast blue yonder,
drowned thee in me
all pain and despair
unraveled in me,
my insecurities
Thou took me away,
and threw me away
the red rivers of the past

My maiden of the sea
that took Love away,
to drown, a watery grave

I hated you, so hated you
But to hate Thee, is to hate the sun,
the earth and the sky
For what else could thy be
but a maiden of the sea?
Always be the Sea
to still the raging rivers of my heart.

To catch a poem

⊆ 8:08 PM by Pete | . | ˜ 1 comments »

To catch a poem
you'll need a boat
A fishing rod
And plenty of bait!

To catch a poem,
you'll need to wait
Sit down and pray
Inspiration comes your way!

To catch a poem,
you'll need a string
String up your poem
With words that go 'pling'!

And when you've caught your poem,
you'll need some spice
Spice up your poem
Some rhythm would be nice!

what shadows may be

⊆ 6:46 PM by Pete | . | ˜ 0 comments »

what shadows may be
that stalk our hearts-
and tread the halls of fear,
they drink away
all hope and faith
and spear the soul
to despair

gone forever-
into the black pool of sorrow..

and as the night that closes in
webs of deadly embrace-
we only have each other
to shield, protect
to quiver in the night

these hands-
locked together..
never letting go-

when you cried
I stayed your lips-
when I screamed
you held me tight-
there is no one,
but us
us against the world

in your warmth-
I prosper
in my arms-

your eyes as mine
full of sorrow, despaired
in you I see
all hope and joy,
and faith I once enjoyed

your smile betrays of hope
hope that shines through you-
pristine as stars that light the night
fiery as fire that burns the shadows-

strong enough to give me strength
the herculean will to reach

and grab the throat of destiny..
to snatch the quill of Life

to open the pages
scribe our story
to write a happy ending
to end the mark of yesterday
and tomorrow
tomorrow starts today.


⊆ 12:26 AM by Pete | . | ˜ 0 comments »

What shall I write about
Shall I write about distant stars
Or things closer to home
Shall I go to uncharted seas
Or swim in familiar rivers
Shall I write about love
Or hate or fear
Or longing
Or loneliness
Or maybe about friends
Or revenge and treachery
What shall I write about
I should just


⊆ 3:36 AM by Pete | , . | ˜ 0 comments »

Amidst the churning of a sacred river
rides an array of glittering silver
A dazzling sight of dancing diamonds
and shattered prisms and plays of light

Transfixed I stood, as silent witness
Beguiled in bliss and merry wonder
I bathed and soaked in watery splendor
And caught the glamor of their essence

Shimmering spectacular the little stars
Emblazoned across a watery wake
I followed the yearnings of their voices
And danced the dance of prism daggers.

My tribute to Ms. Susan Boyle

⊆ 9:09 PM by Pete | . | ˜ 1 comments »

Susan, Susan,

Susan Simple
Susan Simple with her curls
Susan Simple and her Pebbles
Living in a house, oh so little

Susan Simple
you looked so humble
on that stage,
you began to mumble
What's that, we laughed,
you're from the village?
Elaine Paige? we laughed,
Oh such cheek!
we raged, and jeered,
and closed our ears.

Susan, Susan,
Susan Simple,

You flashed a smile
and for a moment,
there was a hush
Would it be worthwhile
or would it be mush?

And so, you sang
that little song
And whoever knew, all along
That Susan Simple
with her curls
should impress Simon Cowell!
I've never seen him smile like a little girl!

Susan Simple, Susan Boyle
You sang so much like an angel
But above all that,
I will never forget
A wonderful lesson
in how things Simple
Could be so beautiful.


⊆ 12:47 AM by Pete | . | ˜ 0 comments »

Blighted the night of darkened hallows,
pierced within, the hollow of souls
banished the light, in silence persisting
consumed by shadows, in lies bedeviled .

Listen, the wails of peeling plaster
screaming without, the throat of terror
yoked of chains, of dust and metal
in dust, they settle eternal
in dust, they settle, infernal.

Twisted, the grins
of these wall faces

betwixt today, tomorrow, then ever after
Unfortunate souls laid to unrest
in concrete cold, laid imprinted,
betwixt they be, and confined within,
a reality, unreality.