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A Mother's Poem

⊆ 8:12 PM by Pete | ˜ 0 comments »

When I’m gone,
will you remember me?

My moment of passing,
or of our journey?

Am I to you,
as you are to me

My little one and only?
The journey we had,
the hugs and kisses

When I gave up my dreams,
and gave you yours

When I told you
what I needed to

Did I raise you to be,
who I wanted you to be?

Or did I teach you to be,
who you needed to be?

Had I failed you, and if I had, would it matter if I'm sorry?
But no matter what, those days of struggle,
with you to cuddle

I’d do it again –all of it,
exactly the same

From that special moment
when I saw you

To the moment
when I’ll see you last

The bond we shared
Is our secret, and ours alone
For you are my baby
And I am your Mother
Who loves you
like no other.

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